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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Man With Responsibility

A Man with responsibility
          Man may come and go to the world in accordance with his option, yet he should have sense of responsibility among a human society. Otherwise, he will surely be the dust of the world that nobody wishes to touch. At the same time a man was born, he brought a many of duty and responsibility till his life comes to an end. Who made him to bear them? It is absolutely himself. There is no one who commends other to carry something as his burden. If so, do leave his responsibilities off. Of course, it is not accurately. The reason why is that he is a human being who ever claims that he is the most intelligence in every corner of the world. He accordingly brought himself all responsibilities, but he surely forgot to bring sense of duty.
          Since a man was born had he rely on himself for all cases that lead to him directly? The answer is of negative. When he came of age, he had to go to either school or university. Then he relies on teachers, too. Further, he became a leader of some field of his environment. Unfortunately, he had his personal belongings finished to his subjects. Had he step on his very feet, what will happen? .....?
          It is said man is a complex being. He has to live with a family as well as a society. Man would not live alone and stay away from other though he keeps holding conceited mind that he is the most superior all else. In the world, even the sage or white-robed acolyte may live with people, yet they may not have attachments them or their mind would not mingle with to the ordinary people though bodily keep closing. Most ordinary people like us have to associate with each other in most cases. If only we unite with others, we may create everything on material. On the contrary, man may acquire his peace of mind forever if he lives remote from busy people.
          Man is ignorance one though he may have long of tails name after him. Therefore, he blames on others when he is commit something wrongly. Again he abuses others that he himself has lack of ability to do something. As a result, man proves himself that he is not the most intelligence in the world. Because of his ignorance he hates to confess the truth that he has no sense of duty to say something truth. On the other hand, it surely can say that man is the most powerful and intelligent in the world, yet he is also the most evil one and cunning one in all sentient beings. Thus they have to suffer various natural disasters that they could not prevent with their clamming at first.
          In all religions, there are various kinds of disciplines and duties that a man has to follow according to his present situation. If he does not follow them, he will become a man out-side of the world, for it is said that “the same fathers fly together”. Now man is carrying responsibility and discipline without knowing his insight properly. Thus they, responsibility and duty, became burden to him. No one in the world can take over sense of responsibility though he would neglect discipline.
          Now man is neglecting his responsibility day by day. Thus he became filth in the eye of others. Besides, others have to suffer from on his lack of knowledge and they don’t want to be companions with him. Even a man himself has to take his own tasks; he would not undertake other cases as a whole. There will be no unnecessary problems which will come to men if a man understands his works and sense of responsibility to all cases that fallen to him.
          A complex being is the man. He therefore would not live on his step only in almost cases. So do others. If a man gives helping a hand in return, there will be lesser questions among them. Now a man comes to understand that he should have sense of responsibility in all, there will be greatest gift of peace and harmony. Man is a man. He is nothing with the exception of a man. If he were the most intelligent in the world, then he is surely the worst upon all sentient beings even to the unconscious, for good and evil exist other side of at the same coin. They are back to back ones. So do the sense of responsibility and irresponsibility. It is said that “Example is better than precept”, and therefore man may live without obeying any discipline, but he has to imitate and follow the best example of noble ones so as to receive all blessings that lead to a man.
May all men have sense of responsibility!
With Metta,
Reverence Uttamānanda
February 22, 2011


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