အခ်ိန္ရွိခိုက္၊ လု႔ံလစိုက္၊ မမိုက္သင့္ေပ၊ ဒို႔တစ္ေတြ။

Monday, January 17, 2011


            Since we were born, we have been learning something from others and the learning will surely be continue till our life is expired. We had learned many things in the past. At present, we are learning something. And we will surely learn something in the future, too. Indeed, life is learning. We however never become perfect though we heave been learning throughout our life.
            There are various kinds of learning such as studying, teaching, seeing and hearing. As a baby in the cradle, we learned from parents and senior ones how to behave as a human or sentient being. As the young ones, we had engaged in a school and university as students. When we became adult ones, we learn from our daily activities and respective jobs. The more we are learning something, the more we are lacking something. Why the reason is? It is very obvious that we are both ignorance and selfish.
            In the world, there are stupid, ignorant and wise people. The wise learn from other mistake whilst the ignorant learn from their mistake. The stupid however learn neither from others nor themselves. We are learning… learning…… learning. But we are lacking…… lacking…... lacking. Why? Because of without practice what we had known, we certainly never become perfect ones.
            There is a one quality in the nine virtues of the Buddha and it is called Vijjacaranasampanno. It means perfection of knowledge and practice. If knowledge and practice go together, one who applies will surely become accomplished. On the other hand, if there is no practice for one’s own knowledge, it means there is devoid of morality. As result, merely educated may become cunning ones.
            According to the Buddha, knowledge is useless if there is no proper practice. Once, the Buddha called a monk Potthila who is well versed in Buddha’s teaching, yet he was lack of applying what he has learned. Accordingly, Buddha labeled him as useless one, vain one and so on. After all, we have to try to learn whenever occasion arises both from ourselves and others, and then we have to endeavor to put into practice what we had learned. As result, it will be like a currency which has both face-sides that can use effectively.

Reverence Uttamananda
17 Jan 2011


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